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Cross Platform support for Android and iOS

Use Apple Swift to develop, build and deploy for multiple platforms using one single code base.

Compile the Swift source code into high-performance, native code using the Swift compilers for iOS and Android. Supported platforms are:

  • OSX using the blazing fast SCADE simulator

  • iOS simulator and binary (ipk)

  • Android Simulator ARM & x86

  • Android ARM & x86 binary (both 32bit and 64bit) (apk)

True Native Look & Feel

SCADE uses the native controls of the underlying mobile OS to provide true native look and feel

Platform Native Controls
SCADE uses the native controls of the respective mobile platform for true native look and feel. The controls are accessed through a unified, yet simple Swift API, that make it easy to use the same source code for all platforms.

SCADE provides a large set of visual controls such as web control, camera control, video capture control, map control and many more.

Crystal – SCADE Graphics Engine

Our vector graphics engine enables the development of graphically superior mobile applications.
 Based on vector technology, out of the box scaling frees you from the tedious job of adjusting to different screen formats, and our built-in transformation and animations makes adding special effects a blast.

Device Format Independence

Our graphics engine combines vector graphics technology with native UI controls. The engine adjusts the UI  automatically to the screen size of the respective device, freeing the developer from the tedious work of optimizing for formats and sizes.

Transformation & Animations

Advanced animations play a very important role in sophisticated mobil applications. Our Animation API based on the webAnimation standard offers a large range of functionality.

Sophisticated language support

Intellisense, Semantic Auto Completion, Fast find and replace, Semantic syntax highlighting, automatic tag closing, fast commenting

Markup Comments
Comments added as markup to code immediately appears in the type inspector details

 Semantic Auto Completion
Code completion suggestions are made based on the code ontology for better and faster code completion

 Smart About the Details
Details such as automatic tag closing frees you form annoying typing