SCADE Native App Development with Swift for iOS and Android

SCADENative App Development with Swift for iOS and Android

Cross Platform Native Development - Native Code, Controls and Use of all OS specific Functionality combined with the Power of Swift

Providing Features

Cross Platform

Develop for both Android and iOS using the same source code

Native Functionality

Use all iOS and Android functionality without limits and constraints

Unrivaled Speed

Swift is compiled to native binary code for unrivaled app performance

Amazing Graphics

Our vector based graphics engine delivers pixel-perfect apps independent of device size

Swift Frameworks

Use popular Swift frameworks like Swift Foundation across Android and iOS with no code changes

Unmatched Productivity

Develop cross platform applications using our native macOS IDE for optimal performance and look and feel

Cross Platform without Limits

by using a next-generation, native cross platform development solution

Use all OS specific features

SCADE is using Swift and allows you to use all functionality available in iOS. And with our ground breaking Fusion technology, you can access any Android functionality quickly and easily

Native Performance

The Apple Swift compiler and the Swift compiler for Android create native binaries that result in blazing fast native apps.

Native User Experience

SCADE is using the OS native controls and behaviour and results in a OS authentic user experience

Leverage the power of Swift

Develop your mobile applications using the full power and productivity of Swift on Android and iOS

Full Swift language support on both Android and iOS

Swift Foundation for Android makes running Swift code on Android a reality

Use Swift Package Manager (SPM) to manage your projects and libraries

Use your favourite 3rd party frameworks to accelerate your app development

Use Swift libdispatch to develop multi-threaded applications on iOS and Android

Swift 5.7 is currently supported

Frequently asked questions

How is Swift code executed on Android?

The Swift compiler compiles the Swift source code into native binary code and creates an .adk file for Android

How are native controls working in SCADE?

A SCADE button that you use in the mobile page becomes a UIButton on iOS and an android.widget.Button on Android.

Is SCADE open source?

We will release repositories under Apache 2.0 license over the next months. They just require a little bit of brushing up.

Can I use all of iOS's kits on SCADE?

Yes, SCADE uses Swift natively. You can call any iOS specific functionality (UIKit, PassKit, Core Bluetooth) when compiling the SCADE app for iOS.

Can I use any Android framework?

Yes. SCADE uses Fusion technology to directly call the Android SDK. Use any of Android's SDK such as, android.bluetooth..

Can I incorporate my Swift 3rd party libraries?

You can incorporate all Swift libraries that are based on Swift and Swift Foundation.