Swift Native Cross Platform Development takes another step forward with SCADE 2 BETA

July 2021

With much joy and exciting, we are happy to announce the Beta version of SCADE Version 2.0!. Our Version 2.0 was over 1 year in the making, and on the journey of releasing it, we encountered many obstacles, but finally it is here.

Main features

  • A brand new, macOS native super fast IDE for Swift coding and visual app development
  • Introduction of Fusion, the easiest and most advanced Swift technology to seamlessly call any Android functionality
  • Development of Swift 5.4 Android compiler — a major achievement given the many changes from Swift 5.2 to Swift 5.3
  • Support of Swift Package Manager
  • Support of latest Android NDK
  • Improvements to Swift SDK (graphic controls)

Most of the time was taken up by building a new IDE and adjusting to new compiler changes brought by Swift 5.3.

As you can imagine, creating a new IDE from scratch was a huge and time consuming undertaking in its own right. Add the complexity and intricacies of the Swift 5.3 compiler, and you can understand why it took almost a year for SCADE 2.0 to be released. Actually, we feel it should be SCADE 3.0 given the tremendous changes and improvements we are introducing.

After finishing the release in January, we started an internal quality assurance phase where we rebuilt existing applications and made sure everything is working fine. As you know, the last 5% of any software release are always the hardest, but we were able to stabilize the code.

On top of the new IDE and Swift 5.3 for Android, we are officially introducing Fusion — one of our finest technical product achievements ever. Fusion is the key to Cross Platform Nativity with ease. We released Fusion in 2020, but a new IDE and Swift 5.4 support was needed to fully introduce you to the beauty of Fusion.

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